The International Sticker Exchange

Welcome sticker lovers!

If you’re here, someone told you about The International Sticker Exchange - sweet! We’re glad you found us.

The premise:

  1. People all over the globe are making awesome stickers to promote their projects, make a statement, or express themselves.
  2. Other people, in other parts of the world, want to stick those dope stickers to stuff.

But, how do all of us sticker lovers find each other? And more importantly, how do we exchange the amazing stickers we have for other, equally amazing stickers we don’t have?

The solution:

If you guessed that the International Sticker Exchange ( is the answer, you deserve a gold star!

How It Works:

  1. You send your stickers, along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the address below - make sure you use enough postage depending on where you are in the world.
  2. For every sticker you send, up to ten (10) total, we will send you back a random sticker from the exchange. You send 5 stickers, you get 5 back; you send 10 stickers, you get 10 back, etc.
  3. If you want to send more than ten (10) stickers, that’s fine, and it means that more of your stickers are in the exchange to go out to other sticker lovers.
  4. All sticker packs we recieve will be featured on our Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts!

We plan to adjust these limits in the future, and maybe make the sticker selection less random; this will be based on success and funding.

The address:

International Sticker Exchange
785 Dekalb Ave, APT 5i
Brooklyn, NY, USA 11221

Address subject to change, please check back often. Once we have enough funding we can lock down a permanent address.

Support Us!

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Want to provide even more support?!?

This is a labor of love, but it also costs money. We need funds to host the website, to host the mailing address, and it would be nice to buy snacks and drinks for the folks who have to stuff the envelopes too. Beyond that, we'd love to set up a more interactive website, allow for more choice in the stickers you recieve, help new artists and non-profits get their stickers printed, and more... We've got lots of super, sticker related ideas; we just need your support to make them happen! =)

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Coming soon:

Have more questions?

Hit us up at info at sticker dot exchange

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